History of Policy

In the “History of Policy” section, we have summarized the laws, regulations, and ordinances that have been issued up to the present, focusing on the history of the Rabies Prevention Law before and after its enactment.

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– Chronology Table of Policy #1 (From ancient times to Meiji Era)

Chronology Table of Policy #2 (From Showa Era to the present)

– Details of laws, regulations, and ordinances

– Transfer of department:

Transfer of the department in charge of rabies control from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to the Ministry of Interior (now MoH)

– Memorandum from GHQ:
Regarding the Memorandum from GHQ that was partially incorporated into the Rabies Prevention Law

– The enactment of the Rabies Prevention Law
From the drafting by Mr. Yoshio Tanaka (Sanitation Division of Livestock Bureauto) to the legislation by Mr. Yukimatsu Harada (Member of the Diet)

– Why did Japan Succeed in Eradicating Rabies?:
Based on the differences in each law and ordinances