Explanation of Rabies

“Explanation of Rabies”:Published by Rikugun Bunko, August 1879

▶ Clinical Diagnosis

In 1879, there was no diagnostic technique that could confirm rabies.

Therefore, if any of the following characteristics are present, the dog was suspected of having rabies and was kept in the incubation period for 3 months and diagnosed according to whether or not it showed characteristic symptoms.

 ・Bitten by an animal positive for rabies or in the incubation period.

 ・High saliva secretion

 ・Eating meat from a rabies-positive animal

 ・Mated with an animal in the incubation period of rabies.

 ・The expression is frightening and exhibits abnormal behavior.

▶ Clinical Symptoms

In 1879, animals with rabies were known to exhibit the following symptoms.

・Walking unsteadily.

・Conjunctival redness.

・Mouth open, viscous saliva running.

・Discoloration of the tongue.

・Delusion of an enemy and biting.

・The sound is like a cracked teacup.

・Change in appetite.

・Preference for drinking water.

・Paralysis of the throat.


・The dog is aggressive, but when it is attacked by another dog, it does not resist but stays still.

・Sensory paralysis of the skin.

・Paralysis of the hind limbs.